Company portrait

The company Lehner was founded 1961 by Johann Lehner. Since 01.01.2019 the company operates under the name of Lehner Leuchten Manufaktur GmbH represented by Mario Weinfurtner.

Since founding, the idea of Lehner has remained firmly anchored in its corporate philosophy. The aim has been to safeguard the future of some important crafts and to use these traditional methods to provide customers with design elements of an exceptionally high quality.

Our desire to preserve traditional skills means that we are constantly seeking to perfect our methods. Our claim to design and manufacture at the highest level of craftsmanship coupled with technical expertise has enabled us to become what we now represent. The combination of traditional craftsmanship with modern production methods means that there is no limit to the possibilities open to us when it comes to the manufacture of metal objects.

Our cooperation with architects, urban planners and designers has given rise to an extensive range of lightings, street furniture and other design objects made of metal.

This product folder presents a selection of standard products, customized products, restoration work and reproductions all of which can serve as examples of their formal and technical development. The objects presented are intended to give the reader an idea of the flexibility of and possibilities open to Lehner Leuchten Manufaktur as well as the diversity of the techniques applied.

All the reflector systems and data for our lightings are developed, planned and the specifications prepared in our Lighting Engineering Division. The development of the reflectors and light systems is the result of the work of independent lighting engineers and the experience of our Lighting Engineering Department.

We develop optimum solutions which take account of all visually relevant DIN standards.

The lighting systems offered in the catalogue are adjusted to the prevailing conditions. Furthermore, we are at your disposal at any time should you be interested in customized solutions to your lighting problems.

We look forward doing business with you.